Why You Should Avoid Social Media During a Personal Injury Suit

The world has become a much more transparent place to live. With the advent of smartphones that have built-in cameras and access to the internet, people can share everything they see, do and eat with a wide audience.

During a court proceeding, like a lawsuit, the virtual world can become harmful to your case. An innocuous post may open a can of worms that the defendant’s counsel can use to attack your claim, especially during a personal injury lawsuit. Find out how social media platforms may not be your friend when you are trying to get compensation for an injury.

Pictures Are Telling

An innocent photo posted to an online account may prove quite damaging to your case. If you file a lawsuit where you claim injuries limit your enjoyment of life, pictures of your activities become evidence against you. While some may be innocently explained, others may not be. Remember that anything posted is subject to discovery by the defendant’s counsel. Even if your account is private, the people you interact with may not have this same privacy setting. Thus, investigators may be able to gain access to your posts through someone else’s. It is best to refrain from posting pictures or videos until your case concludes.

Spending Habits Are Examined

Some people love documenting every outing on social media. While this may be fun to do and witness, it may not look that way to a legal eye. When you spend money and document it online, the defense has the opportunity to criticize your request for financial damages. For example, if you are out of work because of your injury and take that time to go on a trip, opposing attorneys may want to know why you are claiming the incident created a financial hardship. If you have enough money to travel — especially while injured — you must not be too impacted by the loss of income.

What You Post Is Always There

All digital information is available if the right person can figure out how to access it. You may be tagged in a post by friends, and while you did not post it, you become associated with those who did. Even if you remove the tag and close your social media accounts, everything you posted or were affiliated with is there for the taking. Disparaging comments or inappropriate content may wind up coming back during a lawsuit to paint an unsavory picture of you.

When going through a personal injury lawsuit, everything you post online is scrutinized for a hint of exaggeration of your situation. It is best, therefore, to stay off social media and refrain from participating until after your case is over. Contact a lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas, NV from Eglet Adams, to begin reviewing your case today.